8 Things You Can Do With Google Photos App

There’s no question that Google Photos is one of the best and most powerful apps in Google’s arsenal. Not only does it use AI smarts to organize and catalog your photos, it also gives you unlimited cloud storage for those photos (in compressed versions) as well as a great set of built-in editing tools — all for free.

While some Google apps are popular, Photos is often considered as merely a duplicated gallery folder, making it redundant and less utilised.

Here are eight incredible tips to get the best out of your Google Photos app.

Back up photos and videos for free

Unclog your smartphone’s memory space by leveraging on the cloud storage that comes with the Google Photos app. Pictures and video uploaded on the app can be easily assessed both online and offline. Google Photos app gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution. You can upgrade to a premium plan to upload files with higher resolutions.

Organise libraries

Google Photos app uses imaging grouping techniques to group photos on the app. Photos are sometimes grouped according to faces in the pictures, dates the pictures are taken and even the place the shots were taken. It also adds labels to your pictures and videos for easy sorting.

Recover deleted pictures

Google Photos also possess features similar to a desktop computer recycle bin. Pictures and videos mistakenly deleted can be easily recovered by clicking on the restore icon.


Digital pictures are easier to share and increasing in demands. Rather than going through the extra stress of scanning pictures in the traditional way, Google Photos allows you to scan your hard copy picture with its Photoscan feature. Apart from this, the Photoscan feature can also scan hard copy documents.

Photo album and collage

Google Photos is also a beautiful photo editing app that is useful in creating photo albums and collages for an event. The app comes with a photo “assistant” which frequently suggest creative ways you can make a series of pictures into wonderful collages.

Create animations

Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) images, otherwise known as gifs, are trendy fun means of communication on social media, and with the Google Photos app, you too can create your first gif. The app allows you to select a number of pictures, arrange them in a desired sequence and convert them into your first animated image.

Faster sharing

Pictures and videos uploaded or saved on the app have unique links that makes sharing easier with other parties. It also has desktop uploaders for Windows and Mac OS X. You can drag-and-drop folders from your desktop to photos.google.com, and they’ll be uploaded instantly. The desktop uploaders can also automatically upload photos from digital cameras and SD cards when you plug them in, which is great if you take photos on something other than your phone.

Display photos on TV with Chromecast

Like many other Google products which are usually compatible, Google Photos can be synced with your television if you want to view your pictures on the big screen. After installing the Chromecast app on your smartphone, ensure your device are on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast.

Open a photo or video on your device, and click the “cast icon” to display it on your TV. You can also do the same for your PC or Mac by installing the Google Cast extension on your device.

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